Let's Make a Deal! - Price Matching at IntimateIdeas.com

Let's Make a Deal! - Price Matching at IntimateIdeas.com

Find a better price? Want a better deal? Ask us and you may receive! 

Intimate Ideas will now be open to reviewing and responding to your individual requests with our best attempt to price match or provide a competitive offer. We all have our limits and boundaries, even as a business, but we like to keep a open mind to explore new options.

Tight Wallet - Intimate ideas

We understand that money can be tight, but we don't want to limit your delight. Many times our customers are putting together a collection of items with a specific goal or intimate encounter in mind. They will happily browse thru our selection adding all the interesting items to their cart. They then review their cart with a bit of shock with how quickly items can add up, often resulting in them abandoning their cart,  removing items they were excited to get, or selecting lower quality items limiting the experience they hoped to fulfill. We don't want you to be restrained by anything other then our bondage toys.

What Exactly are we offering and what does this mean for you?  We are offering to negotiate with you via email to come to an agreement on a sale price for your item or order. This includes the potential of us offering to give a price match on a specific item with proof  of lower price from our competitor.  The other option we are offering  is  if you are seeking to place a larger order consisting of several costly items, we can review to give you discounted prices for the items or alternatively offer to include some extra items to increase the value of your order such a lube, massage oils, contraceptives, and/or any other items that fit in with your purchase order. Lastly if your having a party (bachelorette or bachelor) or event requiring you to place a bulk order for party favors and other novelties we will also consider offering discounts to help you reach your goal.

 How do you make use of this opportunity? The easiest way is to browse our site and add the item or items you are interested in  to your cart. Then view your cart and enter your customer information. Once your info is entered proceed to check out page but do NOT enter your payment info. Then leave the site, You will get a automated email from us about the order you left in your cart. Click reply and in the Email describe what you would like us to try to do for you. If its a price match, include the proof of lower price. If you are seeking to strike a deal, make your offer! If you are seeking a discounts on a large or bulk order, state that. If your trying to work on a budget let us know your limits and we will review. While we do promise to try, we do not grantee being able to price match or provide offers for every item or order.

We will be upfront in the fact that we are highly unlikely to be able price match most listings from Amazon, Ebay, or other sites similar in operation to those listed. We actually do not really recommend purchasing items from  Amazon or Ebay as the product could be a fake or in a not new condition. You can still send us a request, worse case scenario we say no or give our best offer. 

We hope to earn your business with this opportunity. We are typically available to review and provide responses to your requests on weekdays between 9 Am EST and 5PM EST. If you send a request we will review and respond at our soonest opportunity. We currently anticipate responding or providing an personal invoice within 48 business hours.

Price matching and other offer ONLY VALID ONLINE at Intimateideas.com

Our Physical Store Locations Are Not Included In This Program

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