A simple guide to lingerie styles


       For some of us, myself formerly included, the different names for styles of lingerie might as well be written in Greek. When I first started with this company, I didn’t even know the difference between a garter and a garter belt. As we know it can be tough to pick out an outfit, especially if it is for someone else, we went ahead and made this quick guide to the world of lingerie.

 Bra and panty set – This is the most basic form of sexy dressing. A simple matching pair of bra and panties can help boost confidence and is an easy way to be sexy on the fly. An important note for when picking out a set, it is always best to try and pick colors that accentuate your natural skin tone. To take this simple set to the next level, try wearing a shade of lipstick and nail polish to match the set!

 Body suits and body stockings – These two are very easy to confuse for each other. Both are single pieces, both cover the torso, and both are often made from fishnets, or lace. So what’s the difference between the two? Simply put, a body stocking covers from shoulder to toe, while a body suit covers from shoulder to hip. If you’ve been sent to get lingerie for someone, or buying it as a gift, make sure you know which one of these that you are looking at and which one you need.

Chemise – For starters, I don’t even know how many times I’ve mispronounced this word. Let’s say it together phonetically, “Shuh-Meez”. A chemise is a one-piece outfit, that resembles a short dress, usually ending at the hip or knee. These are very good for building confidence back up after having a child, as they hide stretch marks very well.

 Babydoll – A babydoll is fairly similar to a chemise, though it does have a few key differences. Babydolls are often translucent, looser fitting, and include a bit of a boost to the breasts. So, while a chemise is more form fitting, a babydoll is looser.

 Corset – A corset is mainly used as a way to provide a slimming effect to the waist, while also heavily accentuating the breasts. Corsets are a fairly unique style of lingerie. Instead of hanging on the body with straps, a corset uses ties to constrict itself to whatever level of tightness is preferred. The tighter its tied, the more prominent the breasts become.

 Teddy – The best way to describe a teddy is to compare it to a one-piece swimsuit in form, and a mix of a cami and a pair of panties in function. A teddy may cover a portion of the arms as well. As an added bonus, a good amount of teddy outfits have a hole in the crotch for easy access. These are another style that is great for building confidence with stretch marks and cover the belly fully.  

 Leg wear – Leg wear comes in a variety of forms. From simple stockings, to a garter belt, they are a great way to show off your legs in a sexy way. Much like the bra and panty set, these can be made sexier by finding a color that compliments the wearers skin tone. Garters are a simple stand-alone piece of elastic and fabric that goes around the thighs, often used in weddings. A garter belt on the other hand, is an item that is worn on the hips that has straps holding up thigh highs. Pairing garter belt and pair of thigh highs with a matching set of bra and panties makes one complete, and very sexy, outfit.


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