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        One of the big product groups that our company deals with is personal lubricants. They come in a large variety of forms, flavors, and with different bases. Some are recommended just for personal use (jackin it), used between partners, used for anal sex, and used to make genitals taste better. With so many choices, it can be difficult figuring out which lube is best for each individual. Well lets slide right into it, so anyone can go from lube noob, to lube pro.

         To start things off, lets discuss the two main types of lube. These are silicone based lubricants, and water based lubricants. The silicone based lubricants are much slicker than their counterpart, and won't get tacky. It is also better for anal sex, as it stays so much slicker, and helps protect the skin of the anus. On the down side though, silicone lube does have some use limitations. For starters, it is not condom safe, as it will cause friction to build up until the condom rips. Silicone lube should also not be used with a good amount of toys, especially the toys that have a skin type material, as the silicone lube will break the toy down quickly.

      Next up is good old water based lubricants! One way that it's been described is that water based lube is better at getting things started than it is at keeping things going. Water based lube will begin to soak up into the skin (harmlessly cause water), and the lube may need to be reapplied. This style of lubricant is also known to averagely tend to get sticky or tacky after it has been used for an extended period of time. On the plus side, water based lubricants are fully condom safe. When it comes to toys, water based lubricants are always the way to go. Some companies are substantially better when it comes to the water based lubricants, two such examples are anything by Pjur, and Wickeds Aqua. They may be basic water based, but they still do a great job.

      The third type of lube were going to cover is the flavored lubricants. It may seem like not much could be said here, but there is. When it comes to flavored lubricants, basically anything can go on a dick to make it taste however you want, and thats all well and good. But! If there was sugar in the lube, as many of them have, it can cause a yeast infection in women. Over all the years I worked as a clerk for Intimate Ideas, the amount of women who do not know this has always boggled my mind. That said, some companies are tottally vagina safe, for example Wickeds flavored line is even vegan and vagina friendly. In case your vagina is vegan. That said, Wet makes a 4 in 1 warming flavored massage oil lubricant in a variety of tasty flavors. Finally, the company JO has always been trusted by vaginas all over, and they come in just about any flavor one could possibly think of.

             So that is pretty much it for the lubricants. At least as far as a super basic introduction goes. There is of course plenty more that goes into the lube department. We did not even cover the hybrids, part water and part silicone, or part coconut oil. There is so many different lubes that we could discuss them all day. I'm about at my character limit though, so thanks for reading!

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