Anal Sex: The ins and outs.
Congratulations on the decision to explore the sexual options of butt stuff. Anal sex can be scary to newcomers, but it does not have to be. There are benefits to engaging in anal play for both men and women. For example, how else can the prostate be milked? With a little lube, the right toys, and the right attitude, the experience can turn from “Ouch!”, to “Oooh!”.
Many men are turned off immediately by anything entering their backdoor. It can be foreign, taboo, confusing, and at least a little bit scary. The same can be said for women as well. It does not have to be like that though. The first hurdle that must be crossed is the nervousness and apprehension related to the act. The more nervous a person is, the more likely they are to tighten the anus, and this is counter productive to having anal sex, so always remember to just relax.
Lubricant is everyone's best friend when it comes to taking the back entrance. The main lubricant of choice for anal sex is the silicone variety. While there are water based options that will get the job done, the silicone lube is still going to much slicker, and safer as it puts a protective seal on the skin. This protective seal helps prevent tearing and irritation. Some of the lubricants also have added ingredients to help the process go that much more smoothly. For example, the Pjur Backdoor and the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Anal Lubricant both use ingredients to help relax the back end and make things more comfortable. Another tip would be to try using cooling silicone lube, such as the Wicked Ultra Chill. This makes it so that the silicone still protects, while the cooling sensation takes the mind off of the act. If silicone lube is not something that can be used due to allergy or sensitivity issues, a good grab is the JO H2O Anal, as it comes out more thickly and has a few added ingredients to help the lube maintain slickness.
For men the benefit of anal exploration is simply the pleasure brought on by stimulating the prostate. For beginners it can be intimidating picking out which product to use. There are many choices, for men though a great place to start is the Dr. Joel Kaplan line. Dr. Joel has a whole line of prostate massaging toys that are excellent at getting the job done.
For the women, the benefits are different. Of course it is always better to start small, and then work up to the bigger toys. Pleasure is received by the pressure placed on the g-spot from above, as well as the pressure placed upon the walls of the vagina. To this end, a plug during intercourse, for example, will maximize the pleasure received while a partner is entering vaginally. Calexotics and Doc Johnson both sell great kits for beginners, though buying steel plugs is always best. Steel is hypoallergenic, non-porous, easy to clean, and will last a lifetime. The real benefit of steel though is in the weight, and the increased pressure from said weight. The company Rouge makes a fantastic line of steel plugs that can take a person from beginner, to ass master, in no time at all.
There is of course much more that can go into this, and a person for that matter. Though it is hoped that this little guide has been helpful for any one considering whether to answer the knock on the back door. Just remember to relax, lube up, and bring a good toy along for the ride. Check those boxes, and filling your own boxes will be a breeze!
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