Choosing the stick over the carrot: A brief intro to bondage.
Ever since that shady line of books and movies came out, more and more people are beginning to peruse the bondage sections at our stores. While that may have brought people in, it is a fairly vanilla representation of BDSM, which some refer to as just kink. Kink is huge. Really huge. Just when you think you've gotten the hang of it, and nothing could surprise you, along comes predicament bondage to stir things back up. Kink can be as simple as ties and a blindfold, or as elaborate as Japanese rope art.
For beginners, a common mistake is to jump straight into buying a pair of metal handcuffs. Handcuffs may sound tame, but they are actually not just for the restraint aspect of being handcuffed, but the pain aspect of the metal digging into wrists. A great place to start is with the company Sportsheets intro to bondage kit. This kit comes with a blindfold, and four strips of strong fabric with soft, velcro ties at the end. The strips can be tied to just about anything, including the other strips. This simple kit can allow exploration of a large variety of restraint positions,, and the company themselves makes a variety of other great products as well.
Another great product line to go through is the fetish fantasy line. This line of products covers everything a kinky mind could think of, and then some. Using the fetish fantasy series also comes with a quality bonus, as they back most of their products with a 60 day guarantee. Fetish Fantasy, which is made by the company Pipedream, is not only a quality line but a versatile one as well. They make whips, they make a variety of gags and bits, kits, spreader bars, swings, and so very much more. If you can think of it, chances are they already have.
Its best to have an open and honest conversation with your partner before even picking out products. 
Different people are drawn to kink for different reasons. Some may be a bit sadistic, some may like to dominate over others, some like being submissive, some are in it for the thrill of being restrained, while others yet are just in it because they like the pain. There is many other reasons for liking it, but before diving in, think about it. Go to a store with your partner, and find out what you both are comfortable with. Being able to trust your partner is big in the kink community, as it should be, and if either is not comfortable with a product, they may not trust the situation. So open up, and get ready to spank, or be spanked!
Ginger Bear
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