Cockring Applying!

In the world of sex toys, we always seem to over look one of the greatest, the cock ring! Before you dudes roll your eyes and declare you're "too big" for one, hear me out. This little ring of pleasure is not only the ultimate confidence booster, its also unisex! That's right ladies, we get some fun out of these too! Lets go down the rabbit hole.

 Now look down at your dude and imagine him a little thicker, a little veiny and keep that image...because we are about to make that a reality! That's right! The cock ring is your way to the ultimate penis envy! Ladies...don't give up on me yet, this will help you both.

Now grab your cock ring and slowly slide it down to the base, it is best to be either flaccid or semi-erect. If you feel like you need it, you can apply lubricant to help the sliding process. (Look at image 2 of the top row for guidance)

Applying Cock Ring

Notice the changes in thickness and appearance? She will notice it too! The rings not only boost your confidence, they will also add a few extra pumps to your bedroom game! You can add one around your balls or the entire package! If you do all 3 at once, its a pretty cool little cage! Always remember to remove the ring if you feel any discomfort, notice discolor or if you are hitting the 30 minute mark. 

Now that you realize the ring world is awesome! Add in some vibrations! Its not only great for the clit, but you can also flip the ring and use the vibrations on you! 

Lets finish this off with one fun cock ring fact! The vibration rings are amazing for fingering! Yeah, you read that right! Take that ring, place the vibe on the pad of your finger and flip the ring over it to hold it in place. Now you are sure to hit all her sweet spots! 


Now its time to use all this knowledge and rock some beds!




-Lil One-


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