Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly!!

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One of the most common things we notice in the adult retail industry is people being afraid or nervous in the store. Some people won't make eye contact, others won't even speak. It does not have to be that way though! Just keep a few basic truths in mind when going to open the door to any adult store. Nothing will surprise the person behind the counter with anything you could ask for.

The stores are always a judgment free zone. The stores are a professional retail establishment, the clerks are well versed in product knowledge and will be willing and able to help ensure a productive and fulfilling shopping experience.
When entering most adult stores, it can be assumed that the person behind the register has seen and heard it all. Just as a florist knows flowers, adult store clerks know sex and just about anything that can go into it. While shopping for any adult product it is always best to take advantage of the clerks knowledge by asking any questions that pop up. The more questions that are asked won't bother the clerks, its their job to help make sure everyone gets what they need and goes home happy. So please, don't be shy! Just go ahead and ask any question that comes to mind.

Each and every adult store is a safe haven and a judgment free zone for all customers. No matter the gender, race, physical capabilities, or any other factor that goes into being a human individual. Absolutely never will a clerk kink shame, or allow it to happen in the store. There are two separate reasons for the lack of judgment, and the encouragement of being kinky. The majority of the sex toy industry, and adult industry as a whole, are very pro LGBTQ+, and some
often try to make donations to local charities and organizations set up to support said communities. Finally, adult stores are for adults, no matter who that adult is, what they may look like, what they may get off too, or even what language they speak, because they are professional environments that treat all humans with the respect and dignity they deserve.

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As mentioned above, adult stores are still professional retail environments. This means that when you enter, you should always be greeted by a friendly, smiling face. The clerks are well trained in product knowledge and usage, and often eager to help. To repeat an earlier sentiment, ask questions as they come to you, and do not be nervous. As far as the clerk is concerned, they could be working at a hardware store selling hammers and nails. To the clerk, what a customer may call taboo, they call everyday topics, and their goal is just to send every customer home happy and with exactly what they need. Let that freak flag fly, tall and proud!

Intimate Ideas - Let that freak flag fly

So don't be nervous, or scared, or ashamed when walking through the doors of adult stores. A customer should be confident that they are going to a store just like any other. Where there are friendly clerks, willing to help however they can. Customers walk into a place that is meant to be fun, and enjoyable. A place where a person can relax in their own skin, with the knowledge that no one there will care at all what they are purchasing. Just remember, were all humans, humans are diverse, and human sexuality is even more diverse, that diversity is celebrated, respected, and encouraged by the adult industry. So go visit a local adult retail establishment, relax, and have a
great time.

Ginger Bear

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