Don't hate, masturbate!

   If there’s one thing we can almost all agree on it’s that masturbation is great. It feels good, passes time, relieves stress, and does some other good for the body as well. Despite what some may say, it’s not just the men who are out there taking solo trips to pound town, women like to get down with their bad selves as well. Even people who identify as asexual do it. The only thing more fun than masturbation itself, is learning about masturbation! Maybe that’s not entirely true, but we can pretend!

      The stigma of jacking it dates way back. People used to have the ill-conceived notion that flicking the bean could lead to blindness, madness, or even sudden death. These days it is much more normalized, and arguably better than ever! Gone are the shameful days of having to wear a disguise and park down the road just to go into an adult store! It doesn’t matter who can do it better, or what you look like, you just have to get into it and get it done!

      In an effort to promote better Jacking and Jilling, we have gone ahead and put together a list of the top five male and female masturbation assistance devices. Because if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right!

For Men – Here are a few of the top Male toys available.

1: The Fleshlight STU. The Stamina training unit from Fleshlight is arguably their best sex toy that they make. The inside has a unique texture that is designed to overwhelm the senses.

2: While most cock rings perform the same, we have always been partial to the line Spartacus. Three rings in a pack, all used at once, increases stimulation, endurance, and makes the penis much more prominent.

3: Are you afraid of the butt? Don’t be afraid of the butt! Try out a prostate massage, you just may end up loving it! The VeDo Diver Rechargeable prostate massager is a great toy for anal exploration!

4: Looking for a bit of edging play? Look no further than the Fetish Fantasy Suck and Stroke head teaser! Just put in the tip and enjoy! Easy to use and easy clean up makes this toy an easy choice.

5: Looking for the Cadillac of masturbation? Then you may want to just spring for Kitty! Kitty is a realistic feeling, fully posable, and fully stacked love doll made to satisfy all of your desires!

For women – Here are a few of the top toys for the ladies.

1: First things first, the Femme Funn Ultra Bullet is easily one of the best sex toys ever made. Amazingly powerful, fully bendable, rechargeable and made from high quality materials. You can never go wrong with Femme Funn!

2: Looking for a dependable dildo that will last and last? Then check out the Colours line! Made from silicone, and designed to have a realistic feel, the Colours line can please at any size!

3: Want a dildo, but also want it to vibrate? Then don’t settle for anything less than Miguel from the Au Naturel line. Miguel will contour to your bodies natural shape, whether you have a tilted or a straight cervix, Miguel will follow the path straight to pleasure. As a cherry on top, Miguel keeps the vibrator in the tip of the toy so that it hits the G-spot just right!

4: Often overlooked, the pussy pump is a fantastic item! The best place to start exploring this avenue of intimacy is with the Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump. The pump will engorge the labia and clitoris, making the vagina more sensitive and making everything feel a bit tighter.

5: Going back to a classic, our final toy suggestion is the glass toy line from Icicles, our favorite from the line is number 8. Used in tandem with the Femme Funn Ultra bullet, you will have all the orgasms! Looking for a unique experience? Then try out keeping this toy in the freezer or in hot water to experience temperature play!

- GingerBear

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