New Year, New Toy

It's that time of the year again, new year is this week and everyone has a resolution they want to share. Your social media is going crazy with how people will only eat salads, or will spend more time at the gym. You probably have a friend who declares they are done dating. 


Instead of joining in the chaos of resolutions you won't keep, start something new. New year, New toy! This resolution is a sure win way to get off properly for when living on salads makes you sad or if you are the one no longer dating after the ball drop. Lets go over the top 5 toys you should have in your bottom drawer!

Number One:

Who doesn't love getting the cookie eaten? The Womanizer is the go to for that oral stimulation. This little toy was actually created by a husband! That's right, a husband knew what his wife loved and went ahead and made her the perfect toy! The womanizer does not vibrate, it actually uses air technology. It puffs all around the clit creating a sensation no other toy can mock.


Number Two:

For the couples who want to add a extra little spark of naughty this year, you want the We-Vibe Sync. This U shaped toy is connected to bluetooth, so no matter where you are, you get off! The top of the toy hugs yours clit and the bottom has a slim base that sits by the g-spot, while your partner slides under it creating a orgasm that will rock your world! 

With the bluetooth techonolgy, this is the perfect dare to wear out toy! The app has multiple functions that make it look as though you are just texting away to that in public orgasm. 


Number Three:

The classics never go out of style, they just tend to get upgrades! The wands have been a go to for years. Now we no longer need to arrange our beds to match outlets! This wand is made with a medical grade silicone, magnetic charger base and has a nice give to it making it bend slightly to follow your curve. You can easily create the night with a wand massage that gives you to the happy ending you deserve! 

Number Four:

The rabbit is another classic who just gets better with age! The Malibu  minx not only vibes it way to our g-spot, it sucks our clit into submission! You read that right! It sucks on your clit! A standard rabbit has a cute animal that vibrates your clit, while the length of the toy hits all your internal nerve endings giving you a dual orgasm. This little number does all of that with a little sucking action! 

Number Five:

Lastly, a girls best friend has been and will always be her bullet. The perfect number to hide in the tub or side drawer, always easy to reach when the time is right. This ultra bullet  is made from medical grade silicone and bends with your body in a way no other bullet can. It comes with 20 function and I can never make it past the 3rd! It is so strong that you can turn his dick into a vibrator! You read that right ladies! While he is inside you, set the bullet along the side of him and scream out to the gods of great sex. There is no need for a morning run or gym session when it comes to this bullet. 

It's now that time for you to rock the new year with a new orgasm. Which one will you pick?!


-Lil One 

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