Play Together

"A couple that plays together, stays together."

When you read/hear that you are not thinking about the vibrator you are hiding under the mattress or that favorite porn scene you have saved to the cloud...but you should be. Bringing sex toys into the bedroom is either frowned upon or raved about! There really is no in-between when you ask others how they feel about it. 

There seems to be some stigma that if you want to bring in toys, you are not "good enough" or "big enough" or whatever excuse you want. I am here to tell you, its all a lie. A sex toy is not going to replace you or change your partner. The toys are made to increase desire and help unite you in new ways.

Instead of thinking of the toy as a your replacement, think of it as part of you. You really love clitoral play but while in doggy it gets hard to keep up could use a g-spot toy with a long handle to help the vibrations going! You like your balls played with but she's lost in her O. Really want that blow job but partner isn't fully in the mood? Not all toys are needed for just the bed! Say you slept wrong and need a massage, you can add a finger vibe to help relax the muscles. 

Are we getting the picture, or do I need to continue? 

Still think sex toys are overrated and are just around to replace you? We get that trying something new can be intimidating and we aren't telling you to run out and buy Mr.Holmes as your first toy. Start with something you both agree and explore each other in a whole new way. Remember the vibrator is your friend, not your enemy. The new sparks you are about to find will take your everyday 10 points to a whole new level. 


-Lil One



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