Rock The G Spot

Let’s talk about urban legends!
You know, Nessie the Loch Ness monster, or even our friend Bigfoot...but really the star of the show is the G Spot! Now before you start declaring that all 3 are really non-existent, hear me out!
rock the g spot
Now most of you think that the harder and deeper you go, you're gonna just rock our worlds into next week. Well, I’m here to tell ya to cool your jets! The g spot is actually about 2.5 inches inside, you read that right...let me repeat it one more time, 2.5 inches. Before you start with the “this is a crock of shit” and the “yeah right!”, take a look at your fingers. I need you to put together your middle and ring fingers and put the rest do the “come here” movement. Bam! That's the way to make a big O!
It is not just about the “come here” movement...we need to be aroused y’all! It doesn’t matter how much magic you are working those fingers with, if we are not turned on, it isn’t going to do jack shit. I know, I keep continuing on being the bad news bandit, but I swear I have your back.
Every female is different, we are all unique in so many ways. This is where you get to hit up Intimate Ideas and experiment with some new foreplay ideas! You are going to want to look for few different things and you will want to clear your schedule! Once you experience that O you will want to get it going all night long. 
You will want to start off with either a finger vibe, an actual g spot gel, or any basic g spot toy . Once you have one of the above, you need get home and foreplay it up. Remember, arousal is what we need for that big O! Once you have her all hot and bothered, you need her to lay back, and spread em!
You will insert your fingers/toy facing up...I said up not down, you want to feel around  for a rigged ( roof of your mouth) texture, once you find that TURN ON THE MAGIC ( or that vibe it’s still your magic). The real struggle is that she might have this crazy urge to pee, remind her to fight through it. She isn’t going to piss herself, that sensation is letting you know she’s about to yell your name to the neighbors!!

rock the g spot

 Now go on with your g spot reaching ass and celebrate!


Until next time


Lil' One

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