Spice up your love life!

                                     Spice up your love life tonight!

        There comes a point in most relationships were a sexual wall is hit. This occurs when a couple has gone through every different position, every place in the house (and maybe a few outside as well!) and have gotten to the point where they require outside assistance to keep things fresh. It’s a normal occurrence, and it is why our company exists. We are here to help customers keep the romance alive and help to enhance their play time. Over the years we have come across some ways to spice up the night that are more accessible and universally enjoyed than some of the advanced play products.

    Make your body vibrate, and their body shake! This is done by putting a vibrator on different parts of your person. The most commonly used toy to help with this is a vibrating cock ring. There is also finger vibrators that are great for hitting the g-spot. If that’s not enough there are also sex toys that attach to the thigh, the tongue, the knuckle, the chin, and to give a man a second penis. If something doesn’t vibrate, just slap a vibrating ring on it and problem solved!

     Another quick and easy way to shake things up is by picking up a beginner’s bondage kit. Some kits are basic and come with restraints and a mask. Being basic doesn’t mean being bad though. This simple style of kit will allow partners to find out if the restraint play is something that they enjoy or not. From there its all up to the consenting adults involved in the act to figure out which other avenues to try. Not liking restraint play shouldn’t cause the discounting of bondage all together. There are also items such as ball gags, whips, ticklers, and much more!

        Keep in mind that one of us is averagely around here at any given time, so if you ever have any questions about where to start an interesting night, or what items go best together, or any question you may think of just send us a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible! We have years of experience under our belts and are ready for just about any question a person could have. Also we just like hearing from you!

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