The best bang for your buck list: From the upper box to the cheap seats

                                             by Ginger Bear
         Traversing the treasure trove of thousands of toys can be a tough task. There's a toy out there for every person and to fill any need, or hole. Our aim here today is to help find the right one for anybody. We can do this by listing off a few reputable, strong, and reliable brands from each different category of kink or pleasure that we at intimate ideas cover, and we cover a very a good amount.
     Lets start with the company Vedo. While they do have some unique toys, the majority of their products are cast after what are known to be the best style and types of toys on the market. Instead of just making cheap knock offs though, Vedo made tiny tweaks to classic models, gave them a nice soft coating, and made them to really pack a punch, while not breaking the bank. Vedo covers everything in their line, and are a sure fire hit as a purchase. As an added bonus, they even offer some of their more popular toys in rechargeable versions. Neat!
     Another brand that is sure to keep the night from becoming bland is the Femme Funn series of toys. They have a nice variety of unique toys. Some are phallic, and not only vibrate, but rotate as well. Their other toys offer a good variety from clitoral stimulators, to anal plugs, and everything in between. Though it is one specific toy that they make that truly stands above the rest, and that is the Ultra Bullet. This bullet is strong enough to be held in the hand and have the vibration be felt in the shoulders, while remaining completely silent. Femme Funn is a line that surely should be given more than cursory glance.
       For our final line to consider, there is fetish fantasy, from the company Pipedream. This line offers a huge variety of toys to help explore the kink side of things. There are multiple varieties of ropes, cuffs,nipple clamps, strap ons, gags, swings, and so much more. Fetish fantasy also makes a large variety of unique or niche items. For example, they sell a restraint system that is designed after a spiders web, how cool is that! For anyone looking to begin life of kink, fetish fantasy is a great place to start for any avenue of kink a person may make. As an added bonus, most products come with a blind fold and/or a 60 day warranty. The 60 day warranty is a pretty good assurance of quality in this industry, as very few, if any, brands offer any type of warranty for a product under a hundred dollars.
      There are many brands and products in the adult industry, but the hope is that introducing these three particular lines will help to make it easier to figure out what each individual may prefer. Femme Funn will definetly deliver the heat, Vedo will deliver the variety, and Fetish Fantasy will add every little kink a dirty mind can think of. So go on out there, get your toys, and get freaky people!!

Ginger Bear
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