Penis Pumpers Playground

The ultimate cock pumping experience! You've heard of pumps, we all have. They're often joked about and not taken seriously, but they do the job they're supposed to. To achieve the maximum results from your pumping experience, follow these simple steps: First, pick out a pump, a bottle of water based lube, and a cock ring (to add some pleasure to the pumping, add a masturbator sleeve into the mix). Second, take out your dick and get it good and lubed up. Third step is applying lube to the entrance of the pump. Step number four is pretty basic, put your dick in it. Step five, go ahead and pump for about ten minutes. step six, Massage your dick for about five minutes, and then repeat the process again. If you're only looking for short term results, just do steps one through five. If you're looking for a long term effect and a bigger package, complete all the super difficult steps every couple days and over time you will begin to see the results lasting from one day to the next. After a full year of dick dedication, the effects will be permanent.