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Master Series Tiger King Locking Chastity Cage - Silver

Master Series Tiger King Locking Chastity Cage - Silver

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This Tiger Inspired Chastity Cage offers a kinky feline twist to your chastity games! Constructed with smooth, solid stainless steel for a relentless caged feeling, bulging your subs balls and covering their shaft in the tiger shaped tunnel. The open tip cage allows your sub to do their necessaries when locked up, perfect for extended chastity sessions!nLock in your lovers balls and keep the keys nearby until they earn their freedom! The nickel free stainless steel is rust resistant and body safe so you can lockdown worry free.nCage Measurements: 3.8 x 1.6 x 2 inches, cage opening diameter 1.4 inchesnRing Inner Diameter Measurements: Small 1.5 inches, medium 1.75 inches, large 2 inchesnMaterials: Nickel-free stainless steelnColor: MetalnIncluded: Tiger shaped cage, 3 graduating cock rings, one small pad lock, 3 keysnnSpecs:nCage His Beast: This weighty, tiger shaped cage is designed to protect your sub and lock down his sexuality until he earns his freedomnBuilt For Extended Wear: The nickel free metal is easy to clean and maintain, while the cum thru tip and rounded ball rings allow him to do his necessaries while locked innSafe and Weighty: Constructed with smooth, nickel free stainless steel that is hard and heavy for a delightful downward pull during wear, while staying rust freenThree Graduated Cock Rings: Choose from small, medium, and large depending on your ball sack size; built to be locked into the tiger via the included compact padlock and 3 sets of keys

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