Masters Silicone Mini Face Banger Gag (Black)


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This gag features a penis mouth piece with semi-realistic texture detailing. Made of premium silicone the Suppressor is non-porous and hypoallergenic. The adjustable silicone straps are attached to the gag by two metal O-rings. Use the optional locking feature by adding your own padlock to secure your subject. The gag can be worn with the penis in to restrict their speech or with it out to pleasure you. Whether in or out this devious piece will keep your plaything perfectly gagged and compliant. 22 in. total length. Ball measures 1.65 in. diameter penis measures 2.5 in. length 1 in. diameter.

Dementions - Length-11.2 Inch X Width-3.9 Inch X Height-2.1 Inch