Oxballs Scrappy Puppy Silicone Cockring Orange


SKU: OXB-5379

SCRAPPY is a super squishy silicone cockring that lets you unleash your inner pup while sportin` a stiff beefy bone.SCRAPPY has a soft rubbery snout and playful tongue lollin` out...this bad puppy will bloat your meat and push your balls up n` out for a package that will have everyone at your next mosh drooling.SCRAPPY is made from our signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so it`s stretchy and pliable but still fits your junk nice n` snug...perfect for comfort wear and play without pinching or chaffing.Your rock hard cock will be wagging in time with your tail with SCRAPPY wrapped tightly around your drippin` knot... Size Outside Circumference: 8.5/21.59cm Inside Circumference: (stretches to fit your meat): 5/12.7cm Thickness: .75 - 1 (1.91 cm 2.54 cm)