She-ology Wearable Vaginal Dialator 5pc Set Silicone Waterproof


$72.63 $112.99
SKU: SE-1338-30-3-II-290

May restore and revive vaginal strength and comfortn 5-piece Silicone dilator set for gradual dilationn Unique, wearable design for comfort and easy mobilityn Ergonomically curved for ease of usen Dilators may accommodate a stimulator if desired (not included)n Dilator guide from Dr. Sherry includedn May be used in or out of the waternnDimensions:nDilator 1: 3.33 x 1.18 in.nDilator 2: 3.12 x .97 in.nDilator 3: 3.02 x .85 in.nDilator 4: 2.96 x .74 in.nDilator 5: 2.67 x .53 in.