Tenga EGG Cool


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Tenga Egg Wavy Cool Who says bigger is always better? Tenga EGGs are a huge experience in a tiny container. The special Cool edition comes with a cooling lubricant; great for cooling off in the summer! Just pop open the egg pour in the lubricant and away you go! Able to stretch to longer than 12 inches long and 3 inches wide Tenga EGGs are discreet masturbation sleeves for you to enjoy anywhere. With careful use and cleaning you can re-use your Tenga EGG or throw away when you're finished. is and stroke away. Cleaning Advice:You can clean this sex toy using warm water and an anti bacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner. Be sure to dry thoroughly before storage. Storing Advice: If planning to reuse cleanse carefully dry completely and store in egg container.

Dementions - Length-2.1 Inch X Width-2.1 Inch X Height-2.7 Inch