The 9`s - The Silver Starter Bejeweled Annodized Stainless Steel Plug - Aqua


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SKU: IC2614-2

Let`s get the party started with Silver Starters, only from Icon. This time a gorgeous, anodized, jet-black plug makes the gem`s contrast all the more dazzlinglike a star in the night! This elegant jeweled butt plug pairs a classic tapered design with a wide, glimmering gem base. These beautiful, handmade gems are available in no less than nine stunning colors with a wide variety of shapes and finishes, including this beautiful anodized black edition. Pamper your pucker like a princess with rubies, sapphires, topaz and more, all in a perfectly sizes and tapered plug perfect for beginners. Ideal with any lubricant and ultra-hygienic, due to the silver`s totally non-porous surface. And so easy to clean with just soap and warm water. So slip on that tiara or a pair of glass slippers, get your ass lubed up, and pick out the perfect jewel butt plug to give you a night right out of a fairy tale!nnFeatures:nnSleek, anodized, metallic body.nGlitzy, heart-shaped, bejeweled base.nDesigned and sized for easy ion.nPerfect for beginners.nnnDimensions:nProduct: 1 W x 3 L nPackage: 3 W x 4.75 H x 1.5 D