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This green-eyed, blonde beauty has the body of a lingerie model, an out-of-control sex drive, and she wants to go home with you!

Whether youre interested in a partner, a lover or both, Kitty is everything you could want. This Ultimate Fantasy Doll from Pipedream is one of the most realistic love dolls ever made. Measuring 5 6 tall, Kitty is truly life size with long, blonde hair, soulful eyes and legs that go on forever.

Her face and body look shockingly life like and feel just as real whether youre cuddling on the couch or snuggling in bed after working up a sweat. Kittys perky 36D breasts and bubble-shaped butt feel perfectly natural when you squeeze them. Her rear even makes a sexy smacking sound when you spank her. Kittys vagina, mouth and backdoor feel just right wrapped around your shaft. And Kitty is fully poseable with working joints so she can stand up on her own or bend into all types of positions!

Kitty is the ultimate girlfriend in many ways. Shell love you unconditionally and do anything to make you happy. You can watch TV with her, and shell go down on you during the commercials. You can treat Kitty to a fancy dinner before bending her over the table for dessert. You can talk to her, confide in her and even share your life with her. Kitty is the girl youve been dreaming about. And you can make her yours!

Getting Intimate With Kitty

This adventurous, long-haired blonde is willing to try anything and everything including anal, bondage, sex swings and more! It doesnt matter how wild your fantasies are, Kitty will make them come true.

Kitty loves all types of sex oral, vaginal and anal as well as breast & foot play
Her soft, supple lips are made for kissing and wrapping around your shaft. She doesnt have a gag reflex either!
Kittys soft vagina feels like heaven when you dive deep inside her
Kittys never done anal before, but her super-tight backdoor is ready for you!
Kittys super flexible. She can bend & twist into almost any position imaginable.
Her perky 36D breasts are soft & squeezable with nipples made for sucking. They bounce and swing like the real deal. And Kitty loves squeezing them around your schlong!
She can stroke you with her soft hands or slip a slim finger inside your backdoor.
Shell tease you with her soft feet & toes before begging you to lick them!

Getting to Know Kitty

Kitty is a special girl and needs someone like you to appreciate her. Heres some personal info from Kittys dating profile and some other helpful tidbits:

Height: 5 6 (Thats 9 inches taller than most other realistic love dolls.)
Weight: 82 pounds
Cup Size: D DD
Measurements: 36-24-36
Kitty is fully poseable down to her fingertips and features bendable joints for realistic motion. You can pose Kitty in all kinds of positions doing all kinds of things. She might be cooking you breakfast one minute and then doing a leg split in your lap the next!
Kittys made from life-like TPE that looks and feels like real skin with a stainless steel skeleton. Unlike other realistic sex dolls, she can even stand upright on her own.
Warm Kitty up for a more natural feel with the included USB Heating Wand. It only takes a few extra minutes, and youll love how much more real it makes her feel.
She comes with one of her favorite pieces of lingerie and cant wait to model it for you!
Many other accessories are also included, such as: 4 oz. Moist Body Lotion, 4 oz. Refresh Toy Cleaner, two 1.05 oz bottles of Fanta Flesh Revive Powder, cleaning wand, 2 insertable masturbation sleeves, Care and Usage Guide, and much more!
Make sure to carefully follow all the included instructions about Kitty.

If you want to order Kitty, there are a few things you need to know in advance:

Kitty is inspected before shipment to make sure shes in proper working order.
She comes in an unmarked box to protect your privacy.
The box measures 61 x 16 x 11 and weighs 105 pounds.
A signature is required for delivery to ensure that you received Kitty.
Carefully read the included instructions about unpacking, cleaning & storing Kitty.
Some minimal assembly is required.
We do not accept any returns or offer any refunds on this item.

To keep Kitty happy and healthy, always use a water-based lube and carefully follow the included Care & Usage Guide especially when it comes to storing and cleaning.

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