Universal Water Works System


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  • Multi-use system easily attaches to shower bath or sink!
  • Versatile attachments make this the perfect bathroom accessory for intimate water play
  • Directional valve adapter installs easily to switch from shower head or faucet to the Universal Water Works System
  • Includes: Directional valve adapter 3 variable spray attachments hand-held on/off control 6/1.8 m of non-tarnishing nickel-free non-crimping flexible hose spare washers and full instructions
  • ABS (handle and attachments) Steel/chrome (hose)
  • 3.25x .5/8 cm x 1 cm (pinpoint spray attachment)
  • 5.25x .75/13 cm x 2 cm (tiered multi-use wand)
  • 4.75x .6/12 cm x 2 cm (standard douche attachment)
Dementions - Length-3.5 Inch X Width-5 Inch X Height-10.25 Inch