Zumio X - Silicone 8 Speed Classic Waterproof Single Clitoral Stimulator Purple


$93.60 $145.99
SKU: CLI-10300-II-237

EAST COAST NEWS EXCLUSIVE!Zumio excites your pleasure zone like nothing else. A quickie, mind-blowing multiple orgasms, or hours of delicious exploration. What`s your pleasure? Women have always known that the best way to pleasure themselves is with the circular motion of a fingertip. Zumio makes that proven motion even better, so you can experience a wide variety of new, wonderful sensations.n 8 speed setting to adjust intensityn Slender ergonomic design for comfortn Quiet operation, vibration free handlen SpiroTIPTM technologyn Designed for solo or partner playn Washable, waterproof and durablen Made from medical grade silicone/ABS plasticn Safe for use with water-based lubricantn Long lasting, USB rechargeable batteryn 1 year warranty