Rock The G Spot

Let’s talk about urban legends!
You know, Nessie the Loch Ness monster, or even our friend Bigfoot...but really the star of the show is the G Spot! Now before you start declaring that all 3 are really non-existent, hear me out!
rock the g spot
Now most of you think that the harder and deeper you go, you're gonna just rock our worlds into next week. Well, I’m here to tell ya to cool your jets! The g spot is actually about 2.5 inches inside, you read that right...let me repeat it one more time, 2.5 inches. Before you start with the “this is a crock of shit” and the “yeah right!”, take a look at your fingers. I need you to put together your middle and ring fingers and put the rest do the “come here” movement. Bam! That's the way to make a big O!
It is not just about the “come here” movement...we need to be aroused y’all! It doesn’t matter how much magic you are working those fingers with, if we are not turned on, it isn’t going to do jack shit. I know, I keep continuing on being the bad news bandit, but I swear I have your back.
Every female is different, we are all unique in so many ways. This is where you get to hit up Intimate Ideas and experiment with some new foreplay ideas! You are going to want to look for few different things and you will want to clear your schedule! Once you experience that O you will want to get it going all night long. 
You will want to start off with either a finger vibe, an actual g spot gel, or any basic g spot toy . Once you have one of the above, you need get home and foreplay it up. Remember, arousal is what we need for that big O! Once you have her all hot and bothered, you need her to lay back, and spread em!
You will insert your fingers/toy facing up...I said up not down, you want to feel around  for a rigged ( roof of your mouth) texture, once you find that TURN ON THE MAGIC ( or that vibe it’s still your magic). The real struggle is that she might have this crazy urge to pee, remind her to fight through it. She isn’t going to piss herself, that sensation is letting you know she’s about to yell your name to the neighbors!!

rock the g spot

 Now go on with your g spot reaching ass and celebrate!


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 Short Stack

Blow Job Hack 101

Alright ladies and gents, its time to talk about our favorite thing!! 

Blow jobs!

Alright, I know I just got a few eye rolls ( I'm rolling with you), its a love/hate relationship but sometimes you just gotta take one for the team. I am a firm believer in 68, I always owe you one! ( yes you can totally steal that line and use it daily) Some of y'all love it and I salute you. The other half of us though...we struggle.

You and the spouse are enjoying a nice night on the couch and all of sudden you realize the laundry needs to be switch or the kids are still up. Now you look over at each other and the game begins. You decide you are going to rock/paper who has to deal with it, but its never just rock/paper. You find yourself adding to the gamble with something like, "I win we get to watch whatever I want with no complaints!". Now you already know hes about to top this and then he says " If I win I get a blow job!".

Mistakes have been made! You throw paper to his scissors and his face lights up like Christmas. As you are switching the loads/telling the kids to get to bed, you are thinking "Maybe he will forget and I can trick him to just cuddling to a movie." WRONG! You walk back in to this

Blow Job Hack 101

No worries, I got you! Ready to make that 30 minute blow job last only 5 minutes?I got your attention now, huh? Let me introduce you the amazing world of pocket pussies! They are not just for men ladies, they are actually your new best friend. I need you to hit up your local Intimate Ideas and get yourself a pocket pussy and some flavored lube, I personally love this mint, it taste just like your spearmint gum! 

Once you have your supplies, you will rub him down with your lube and put the toy on the shaft. Here is where the magical 5 minutes begins. You are going to use the toy to stroke the shaft while you ONLY concentrate on the head! In his mind, he's still feeling a normal blow job, but are you really? Nope! With you only working the head, game is about to be over!

Now for those of you who has a man who loves the runny mascara look, you are still covered. Girl, BLINK, like crazy, he isn't looking at you the whole time! His head is thrown back in pure ecstasy.  Plus, mint lube will help with the watery eyes...we carry plenty minty pleasures.

Now go on and show him who the boss really is before that movie starts getting good. 

Until next time,

The Lil' One




Choosing the stick over the carrot: A brief intro to bondage.
Ever since that shady line of books and movies came out, more and more people are beginning to peruse the bondage sections at our stores. While that may have brought people in, it is a fairly vanilla representation of BDSM, which some refer to as just kink. Kink is huge. Really huge. Just when you think you've gotten the hang of it, and nothing could surprise you, along comes predicament bondage to stir things back up. Kink can be as simple as ties and a blindfold, or as elaborate as Japanese rope art.
For beginners, a common mistake is to jump straight into buying a pair of metal handcuffs. Handcuffs may sound tame, but they are actually not just for the restraint aspect of being handcuffed, but the pain aspect of the metal digging into wrists. A great place to start is with the company Sportsheets intro to bondage kit. This kit comes with a blindfold, and four strips of strong fabric with soft, velcro ties at the end. The strips can be tied to just about anything, including the other strips. This simple kit can allow exploration of a large variety of restraint positions,, and the company themselves makes a variety of other great products as well.
Another great product line to go through is the fetish fantasy line. This line of products covers everything a kinky mind could think of, and then some. Using the fetish fantasy series also comes with a quality bonus, as they back most of their products with a 60 day guarantee. Fetish Fantasy, which is made by the company Pipedream, is not only a quality line but a versatile one as well. They make whips, they make a variety of gags and bits, kits, spreader bars, swings, and so very much more. If you can think of it, chances are they already have.
Its best to have an open and honest conversation with your partner before even picking out products. 
Different people are drawn to kink for different reasons. Some may be a bit sadistic, some may like to dominate over others, some like being submissive, some are in it for the thrill of being restrained, while others yet are just in it because they like the pain. There is many other reasons for liking it, but before diving in, think about it. Go to a store with your partner, and find out what you both are comfortable with. Being able to trust your partner is big in the kink community, as it should be, and if either is not comfortable with a product, they may not trust the situation. So open up, and get ready to spank, or be spanked!
Ginger Bear


Plugging away: A guide to anal adventure
By Ginger Bear
I've already covered the anal basics in a previous post, so that will be skipped over this time. This time were really getting into it. This time were going to learn how to train your booty to accommodate objects you never thought possible! Where there's a lube, there's a way, as my Grandmother always said. In specific we will be covering three different ways to train the backdoor. These are balloon pumps, plugs, and beads.
Balloon pumps are good for beginners, intermediate ass players, and ass masters alike. At the start, most basic balloon pumps such as The Ram anal balloon pump, start off fairly small. As it is pumped, it gets to at least the size of a fist. From there, the booty call line from Calexotics offers multiple pumps that go up in size. For the true ass masters though there is the inflatable probe from the company Colt. The Colt probe starts off as a standard dong at 6.5 inches long, and the whole length inflates.
Plugs are another good method to train the booty. First, purchase a small plug, then a medium one, then a large one. It really is that simple. There is a plethora of plugs to pick from. Personally though I would recommend the booty training kit from Calexotics booty call line. These ones don't even get that big at the third step in the package. While that may not seem like a good thing, butt it is. This is because it means you could then get the individual plugs from a company such as Doc Johnson whose classic line of plugs are a good bit larger than each stage of the plugs from the booty call line.
The final type of toy for training the tushy that we'll talk about is the beads. Anal beads are a classic go to for many anal enthusiasts. Some are long, some have beads that are all the same size, some have beads that gradually increase in size, and some also vibrate such as the quake from Vedo. With such a variety it can be a little overwhelming to take in all the choices. As usual, the booty call line from Calexotics makes a great beginner set of beads. Calexotics also makes the x-10 pleasure beads which are a good step up from the booty call beads. After those two, the Asian Anal Eggs are a good pick. The Asian Anal Eggs graduate in size, ending in a much larger bead than the other two.
That's how to train your butt to go from no to pro fast and easy. The fastest method would be the pump. This is because it gets larger on its own, while in use. The other two types of toys to pick from are more of a personal preference thing. So get out there to one of our stores, and start training that ass!
Ginger Bear


The best bang for your buck list: From the upper box to the cheap seats

                                             by Ginger Bear
         Traversing the treasure trove of thousands of toys can be a tough task. There's a toy out there for every person and to fill any need, or hole. Our aim here today is to help find the right one for anybody. We can do this by listing off a few reputable, strong, and reliable brands from each different category of kink or pleasure that we at intimate ideas cover, and we cover a very a good amount.
     Lets start with the company Vedo. While they do have some unique toys, the majority of their products are cast after what are known to be the best style and types of toys on the market. Instead of just making cheap knock offs though, Vedo made tiny tweaks to classic models, gave them a nice soft coating, and made them to really pack a punch, while not breaking the bank. Vedo covers everything in their line, and are a sure fire hit as a purchase. As an added bonus, they even offer some of their more popular toys in rechargeable versions. Neat!
     Another brand that is sure to keep the night from becoming bland is the Femme Funn series of toys. They have a nice variety of unique toys. Some are phallic, and not only vibrate, but rotate as well. Their other toys offer a good variety from clitoral stimulators, to anal plugs, and everything in between. Though it is one specific toy that they make that truly stands above the rest, and that is the Ultra Bullet. This bullet is strong enough to be held in the hand and have the vibration be felt in the shoulders, while remaining completely silent. Femme Funn is a line that surely should be given more than cursory glance.
       For our final line to consider, there is fetish fantasy, from the company Pipedream. This line offers a huge variety of toys to help explore the kink side of things. There are multiple varieties of ropes, cuffs,nipple clamps, strap ons, gags, swings, and so much more. Fetish fantasy also makes a large variety of unique or niche items. For example, they sell a restraint system that is designed after a spiders web, how cool is that! For anyone looking to begin life of kink, fetish fantasy is a great place to start for any avenue of kink a person may make. As an added bonus, most products come with a blind fold and/or a 60 day warranty. The 60 day warranty is a pretty good assurance of quality in this industry, as very few, if any, brands offer any type of warranty for a product under a hundred dollars.
      There are many brands and products in the adult industry, but the hope is that introducing these three particular lines will help to make it easier to figure out what each individual may prefer. Femme Funn will definetly deliver the heat, Vedo will deliver the variety, and Fetish Fantasy will add every little kink a dirty mind can think of. So go on out there, get your toys, and get freaky people!!

Ginger Bear


Kink and fetish: Whats the difference?
For the vanilla, there is not a difference between having a kink and having a fetish. The two terms are often interchangeable, though they truly are not one and the same. A kink is added into sex to improve it, such as using a whip, or wearing a costume for roleplay. A fetish on the other hand is something needed to get sexual fulfillment. Make sense yet? Well, lets get into it further, shall we?

Kink is a very broad term that covers many different points of sexuality under one umbrella. A kink in general is any object/act added to sex, for example it could be someones kink to be tied up during sex. Another example would be some one being turned on by them or their partner wearing leather or latex clothing as a costume during intercourse. A current popular kink these days is male chastity, where a mans penis is put in a cage making it physically impossible to get an erection. These are all just examples of some things that people like to add into their sex.
A fetish is a bit murkier to really nail down. For example, a person could have a fetish for being tied up. This is different for this situation because in this scenario the person is either getting their sexual gratification mainly from being tied up, or they may be unable to reach climax without the involvement of rope or being tied up. The case could be the same for someone with a leather or latex fetish. For them, climax is impossible without one of the aforementioned types of material. Or a person could have a fetish for keeping their partners penis from becoming erect, and cannot receive sexual gratification until having denied it for someone else.
Hopefully this has helped clear up the difference between a kink and a fetish. Just because someone enjoys a certain kink, it does not mean they necessarily have a fetish for that type kink. Though there are those that have a fetish for certain kinks. So every kink can be a fetish, while not every fetish is always a kink. Some people have a popping fetish, where they receive sexual gratification from the act of popping a balloon or bubble gum. For anyone one looking to explore their kinky side, the Fetish Fantasy line from Pipedream covers just about any kink that could be conjured up. So go on then, get kinky with it.

Ginger Bear


Anal Sex: The ins and outs.
Congratulations on the decision to explore the sexual options of butt stuff. Anal sex can be scary to newcomers, but it does not have to be. There are benefits to engaging in anal play for both men and women. For example, how else can the prostate be milked? With a little lube, the right toys, and the right attitude, the experience can turn from “Ouch!”, to “Oooh!”.
Many men are turned off immediately by anything entering their backdoor. It can be foreign, taboo, confusing, and at least a little bit scary. The same can be said for women as well. It does not have to be like that though. The first hurdle that must be crossed is the nervousness and apprehension related to the act. The more nervous a person is, the more likely they are to tighten the anus, and this is counter productive to having anal sex, so always remember to just relax.
Lubricant is everyone's best friend when it comes to taking the back entrance. The main lubricant of choice for anal sex is the silicone variety. While there are water based options that will get the job done, the silicone lube is still going to much slicker, and safer as it puts a protective seal on the skin. This protective seal helps prevent tearing and irritation. Some of the lubricants also have added ingredients to help the process go that much more smoothly. For example, the Pjur Backdoor and the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Anal Lubricant both use ingredients to help relax the back end and make things more comfortable. Another tip would be to try using cooling silicone lube, such as the Wicked Ultra Chill. This makes it so that the silicone still protects, while the cooling sensation takes the mind off of the act. If silicone lube is not something that can be used due to allergy or sensitivity issues, a good grab is the JO H2O Anal, as it comes out more thickly and has a few added ingredients to help the lube maintain slickness.
For men the benefit of anal exploration is simply the pleasure brought on by stimulating the prostate. For beginners it can be intimidating picking out which product to use. There are many choices, for men though a great place to start is the Dr. Joel Kaplan line. Dr. Joel has a whole line of prostate massaging toys that are excellent at getting the job done.
For the women, the benefits are different. Of course it is always better to start small, and then work up to the bigger toys. Pleasure is received by the pressure placed on the g-spot from above, as well as the pressure placed upon the walls of the vagina. To this end, a plug during intercourse, for example, will maximize the pleasure received while a partner is entering vaginally. Calexotics and Doc Johnson both sell great kits for beginners, though buying steel plugs is always best. Steel is hypoallergenic, non-porous, easy to clean, and will last a lifetime. The real benefit of steel though is in the weight, and the increased pressure from said weight. The company Rouge makes a fantastic line of steel plugs that can take a person from beginner, to ass master, in no time at all.
There is of course much more that can go into this, and a person for that matter. Though it is hoped that this little guide has been helpful for any one considering whether to answer the knock on the back door. Just remember to relax, lube up, and bring a good toy along for the ride. Check those boxes, and filling your own boxes will be a breeze!
Ginger Bear

Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly!!

Intimate Ideas nervous in the store

One of the most common things we notice in the adult retail industry is people being afraid or nervous in the store. Some people won't make eye contact, others won't even speak. It does not have to be that way though! Just keep a few basic truths in mind when going to open the door to any adult store. Nothing will surprise the person behind the counter with anything you could ask for.

The stores are always a judgment free zone. The stores are a professional retail establishment, the clerks are well versed in product knowledge and will be willing and able to help ensure a productive and fulfilling shopping experience.
When entering most adult stores, it can be assumed that the person behind the register has seen and heard it all. Just as a florist knows flowers, adult store clerks know sex and just about anything that can go into it. While shopping for any adult product it is always best to take advantage of the clerks knowledge by asking any questions that pop up. The more questions that are asked won't bother the clerks, its their job to help make sure everyone gets what they need and goes home happy. So please, don't be shy! Just go ahead and ask any question that comes to mind.

Each and every adult store is a safe haven and a judgment free zone for all customers. No matter the gender, race, physical capabilities, or any other factor that goes into being a human individual. Absolutely never will a clerk kink shame, or allow it to happen in the store. There are two separate reasons for the lack of judgment, and the encouragement of being kinky. The majority of the sex toy industry, and adult industry as a whole, are very pro LGBTQ+, and some
often try to make donations to local charities and organizations set up to support said communities. Finally, adult stores are for adults, no matter who that adult is, what they may look like, what they may get off too, or even what language they speak, because they are professional environments that treat all humans with the respect and dignity they deserve.

intimate Ideas - LGBTQ+

As mentioned above, adult stores are still professional retail environments. This means that when you enter, you should always be greeted by a friendly, smiling face. The clerks are well trained in product knowledge and usage, and often eager to help. To repeat an earlier sentiment, ask questions as they come to you, and do not be nervous. As far as the clerk is concerned, they could be working at a hardware store selling hammers and nails. To the clerk, what a customer may call taboo, they call everyday topics, and their goal is just to send every customer home happy and with exactly what they need. Let that freak flag fly, tall and proud!

Intimate Ideas - Let that freak flag fly

So don't be nervous, or scared, or ashamed when walking through the doors of adult stores. A customer should be confident that they are going to a store just like any other. Where there are friendly clerks, willing to help however they can. Customers walk into a place that is meant to be fun, and enjoyable. A place where a person can relax in their own skin, with the knowledge that no one there will care at all what they are purchasing. Just remember, were all humans, humans are diverse, and human sexuality is even more diverse, that diversity is celebrated, respected, and encouraged by the adult industry. So go visit a local adult retail establishment, relax, and have a
great time.

Ginger Bear