Kink and fetish: Whats the difference?
For the vanilla, there is not a difference between having a kink and having a fetish. The two terms are often interchangeable, though they truly are not one and the same. A kink is added into sex to improve it, such as using a whip, or wearing a costume for roleplay. A fetish on the other hand is something needed to get sexual fulfillment. Make sense yet? Well, lets get into it further, shall we?

Kink is a very broad term that covers many different points of sexuality under one umbrella. A kink in general is any object/act added to sex, for example it could be someones kink to be tied up during sex. Another example would be some one being turned on by them or their partner wearing leather or latex clothing as a costume during intercourse. A current popular kink these days is male chastity, where a mans penis is put in a cage making it physically impossible to get an erection. These are all just examples of some things that people like to add into their sex.
A fetish is a bit murkier to really nail down. For example, a person could have a fetish for being tied up. This is different for this situation because in this scenario the person is either getting their sexual gratification mainly from being tied up, or they may be unable to reach climax without the involvement of rope or being tied up. The case could be the same for someone with a leather or latex fetish. For them, climax is impossible without one of the aforementioned types of material. Or a person could have a fetish for keeping their partners penis from becoming erect, and cannot receive sexual gratification until having denied it for someone else.
Hopefully this has helped clear up the difference between a kink and a fetish. Just because someone enjoys a certain kink, it does not mean they necessarily have a fetish for that type kink. Though there are those that have a fetish for certain kinks. So every kink can be a fetish, while not every fetish is always a kink. Some people have a popping fetish, where they receive sexual gratification from the act of popping a balloon or bubble gum. For anyone one looking to explore their kinky side, the Fetish Fantasy line from Pipedream covers just about any kink that could be conjured up. So go on then, get kinky with it.

Ginger Bear

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