A Comprehensive Guide to Anal Exploration

Prepare to discover how you can gradually expand your anal horizons and explore new sensations you never thought possible! Remember, where there's lube, there's a way. Today, we'll focus on three effective methods for training your backdoor: balloon pumps, plugs, and beads.

Balloon pumps are ideal for beginners, intermediate players, and seasoned experts alike. Starting with a basic balloon pump like The Ram anal balloon pump, you begin with a modest size and gradually inflate it to the size of a fist or even larger. For those seeking a greater challenge, Colt offers an inflatable probe that starts as a standard 6.5-inch dong and expands along its entire length.

Plugs are another excellent tool for booty training. Begin with a small plug, then progress to a medium and finally a large one—it's as simple as that. The market offers a wide range of plugs to choose from. Personally, I recommend the booty training kit from Calexotics' Booty Call line. While the third step in the kit may not seem significant, it's actually beneficial. It allows you to transition to individual plugs from companies like Doc Johnson, whose classic line offers larger sizes compared to each stage of the Booty Call plugs.

Lastly, let's discuss anal beads, a timeless favorite among anal enthusiasts. Some beads are long, while others have beads of uniform size or gradually increasing sizes. You can even find vibrating options like the Quake from Vedo. With such a diverse selection, it can be overwhelming to make a choice. As always, Calexotics' Booty Call line offers an excellent beginner's set of beads. If you're ready to step up your game, consider Calexotics' X-10 Pleasure Beads. And for a more advanced experience, the Asian Anal Eggs are a fantastic option, featuring graduated sizes culminating in a larger bead than the previous two.

Now you know how to train your derrière like a pro, swiftly and effortlessly. If speed is your priority, the pump method is the fastest since it expands on its own during use. However, when it comes to plugs and beads, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. So, head over to one of our stores and embark on your anal training journey today!

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