Plugging away: A guide to anal adventure
By Ginger Bear
I've already covered the anal basics in a previous post, so that will be skipped over this time. This time were really getting into it. This time were going to learn how to train your booty to accommodate objects you never thought possible! Where there's a lube, there's a way, as my Grandmother always said. In specific we will be covering three different ways to train the backdoor. These are balloon pumps, plugs, and beads.
Balloon pumps are good for beginners, intermediate ass players, and ass masters alike. At the start, most basic balloon pumps such as The Ram anal balloon pump, start off fairly small. As it is pumped, it gets to at least the size of a fist. From there, the booty call line from Calexotics offers multiple pumps that go up in size. For the true ass masters though there is the inflatable probe from the company Colt. The Colt probe starts off as a standard dong at 6.5 inches long, and the whole length inflates.
Plugs are another good method to train the booty. First, purchase a small plug, then a medium one, then a large one. It really is that simple. There is a plethora of plugs to pick from. Personally though I would recommend the booty training kit from Calexotics booty call line. These ones don't even get that big at the third step in the package. While that may not seem like a good thing, butt it is. This is because it means you could then get the individual plugs from a company such as Doc Johnson whose classic line of plugs are a good bit larger than each stage of the plugs from the booty call line.
The final type of toy for training the tushy that we'll talk about is the beads. Anal beads are a classic go to for many anal enthusiasts. Some are long, some have beads that are all the same size, some have beads that gradually increase in size, and some also vibrate such as the quake from Vedo. With such a variety it can be a little overwhelming to take in all the choices. As usual, the booty call line from Calexotics makes a great beginner set of beads. Calexotics also makes the x-10 pleasure beads which are a good step up from the booty call beads. After those two, the Asian Anal Eggs are a good pick. The Asian Anal Eggs graduate in size, ending in a much larger bead than the other two.
That's how to train your butt to go from no to pro fast and easy. The fastest method would be the pump. This is because it gets larger on its own, while in use. The other two types of toys to pick from are more of a personal preference thing. So get out there to one of our stores, and start training that ass!
Ginger Bear
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