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The Rose - Red

The Rose - Red

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The Rose is a Multi-function Soul Snatcher with 3 increasingly
intense speeds, and 4 patterned functions that will be sure to send you
over the edge. Now that The Rose toy is here you don’t have to worry
about going to a grocery store to buy your significant flowers anymore
because this toy is the only type of flower that your partner will be asking
for. With The Rose’ ergonomic shape it is easily handheld and comfortable
to use, you don’t have to worry about hand cramps, uncomfortable
positioning, or your hand going numb from high outer vibrations. With The
Rose having such a sleek design and Precision suction tip at the top of The
Rose, it opens a bunch of possible pleasure zones you can explore solely
on your own or together with a partner.
Placing it over the Clitoris and going through every mode in all of your
favorite sex positions is your first idea, but there are so many more places
for pleasure to be explored. The clit is a good spot to start. If you open your
mind you can come to new ideas such as cupping your nipple with the tip of
The Rose and letting the suction pull and vibrate your nipples. You can
place it under your penis where your head and shaft meet. This is the most
sensitive part of your penis, so the waves of sensations and pleasure are
the most heightened in this area. The next place you can use The Rose is
on your anus, the strong air pulse technology and Vibrations help to
recreate a rim job affect giving your anal muscles the next best thing to a
tongue. The possibilities are endless when it comes to ideas and different
ways the us The Rose.
The Rose is made from 100% body safe Silicone, making it
compatible with all water-based lubricants and toy cleaners. A few toy safe
lubricants we suggest is any of our Wicked Aqua lubricants, or if you want
something water-based that is thicker and will last a bit longer you can try
our Jo H2O Jelly Original Lubricant. The Rose also has an IPX7
Waterproof rating, meaning your device can be in one-meter-deep water for
almost 30 minutes and will come out with no issues. Because The Rose is
waterproof that makes it so much easier to clean. Here are a couple of our
toy cleaners we suggest, Wicked Sensual Care Foam ‘N Fresh Anti-
Bacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner or our Jo Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner.

The Rose has been such a game changer for our industry, it has
revolutionized the nature of air pulse technology, Vibrations and suction
and gave it a whole new look at life. The Rose is the most sought-after toy
of its generation which is why we’re giving you the chance to get your
hands on one while we have stock and take your sex life to levels you
never expected to reach!

 Overall Length is 2.6 inches
 Overall Width is 2.3 inches
 Suction hole diameter is 0.4 inches
 Material: High grade body safe Silicone
 Color: Red
 Usb Rechargeable (Cord and charging dock included)
 1 year manufacturing warranty
 Charge time: 90 minutes
 Play time: 45 minutes
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