Masters Bolted Deluxe XL Urethral Silicone Sounds


$36.86 $57.99
SKU: XR-AF241-II-162

Made of high-grade silicone this extra-long sounding set is non-porous and phthalate-free. Each sound has a tapered tip for easy and comfortable insertion. Experiment with three different diameters and all the length you could want. The silky seamless material is extremely flexible to conform to the unique curves of your shaft. Not compatible with silicone lubricants.

Each of the three sounds is 13.75 in. long. Small sound is 7.5mm diameter. Medium sound is 10mm diameter. Large sound is 11.5mm diameter. Dementions - Length-18.4 Inch X Width-4.6 Inch X Height-2.5 Inch