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Pjur Med Sensitive Glide 100ml / 3.4oz

Pjur Med Sensitive Glide 100ml / 3.4oz

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If you're someone with sensitive skin who has trouble finding a lubricant that works for you, look no further than pjur med SENSITIVE Glide. This water-based lubricant is specifically developed for very sensitive mucous membranes in the genital area and contains no glycerin, parabens, or preservatives. It's dermatologically confirmed and safe to use on even the most delicate skin. The thicker formula provides long-lasting lubrication without leaving any residue or causing irritation. Simply unscrew the cap, squeeze the desired amount, and apply as needed. If you're in need of a hypoallergenic, body-safe lubricant that truly works for sensitive skin, pjur med SENSITIVE Glide is the perfect choice.

Here at Intimate Ideas we enjoy inspiring the use of our products with a date night written by one of our team members!

For a romantic date night with pjur med SENSITIVE Glide, start by setting the mood with some candles and soft music. Take turns massaging each other with the glide, exploring each other's sensitive areas with gentle touch. Experiment with different positions and sensations, letting the glide enhance your intimate experience. Take your time, savoring each moment and staying present with each other. Afterwards, cuddle up together and share some chocolate or a glass of wine, basking in the afterglow of your sensual evening. Remember to clean up with warm water and soap, and store the pjur med SENSITIVE Glide in a cool, dry place for your next intimate adventure.

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