Collection: Biggest and Thickest Contest

Intimate Ideas Presents: The Biggest and Thickest Contest!

When you dive into the world of Clone-A-Willy kits at Intimate Ideas, you're not just exploring your creativity; you're also entering our thrilling Biggest and Thickest contest. Here's how you can participate and stand a chance to win $1,000!

Step 1: Purchase Your Clone-A-Willy Kit To enter our contest, simply purchase any of our Clone-A-Willy kits specifically designed for this exciting event.

Step 2: Create Your Masterpiece Once your Clone-A-Willy kit arrives, follow the easy-to-understand instructions provided on the packaging to craft a precise replica of your own penis. It's your chance to immortalize your unique shape and size in the most intimate way possible.

Step 3: Send Us Your Masterpiece After creating your mold, you'll find clear instructions inside the box on how to safely and securely return your masterpiece to us.

Two Exciting Contests, Two Chances to Win!

Contest 1: The Longest Penis, Do you have the longest member in the game? If your Clone-A-Willy takes the title for the longest, you'll be crowned the winner of this division and pocket a grand prize of $1,000!

Contest 2: The Thickest Penis Size isn't just about length; girth matters too! If your Clone-A-Willy boasts the most impressive thickness, you'll be the victor of this category, also earning yourself a generous $1,000 prize!

Enter Now and Make Your Mark It's time to let your unique attributes shine. Join Intimate Ideas' Biggest and Thickest contest and celebrate your individuality in style. Get your Clone-A-Willy kit today and start your journey towards thrilling prizes and personal recognition.

Terms and conditions apply. Contest open to participants aged 18 and above. Celebrate your intimate uniqueness with Intimate Ideas!