Kiiroo Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive Silicone Rechargeable Masturbator - Black


$161.10 $250.99
SKU: KIIR11035

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive is your gateway to a whole new world of male masturbation. The original Pulse Solo Essential was dubbed the worldandrsquo;s first Guybratorandtrade;, and now, it is interactive! Hot Octopussandrsquo; multi-award-winning male sex toy can make you cum hands-free, without the need for stroking. Its versatile design means itandrsquo;s the perfect toy for everyone with a penis. nPlay alone and enjoy the many exciting features the Pulse Solo Interactive has to offer. Or connect the Pulse Solo Interactive to one of over 4,000 interactive videos (2D or VR) on a range of different content platforms. Feel every movement made by your favorite stars, mimicked through the oscillations on Pulse Solo Interactive. nConnect to your partnersandapos; devices from anywhere in the world. Feel every movement they make. Share your pleasure with them through the FeelConnect mobile app.