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We-Vibe Ditto

We-Vibe Ditto

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Dive into New Depths of Pleasure with We-Vibe Ditto

Discover the unexplored territories of pleasure with We-Vibe Ditto, now available at Intimate Ideas. This compact and powerful vibrating plug is designed for those looking to venture into new realms of anal play, offering a luxurious experience for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Sleek Design for Comfortable Exploration The We-Vibe Ditto features a slim, tapered design for easy insertion and a comfortable fit, making it perfect for those new to anal play or those who prefer a smaller size. Crafted from smooth, body-safe silicone, Ditto feels soft against your skin and is flexible enough to move with your body, ensuring maximum comfort and pleasure.

Powerful Vibrations for Intense Sensations Equipped with We-Vibe’s signature rumbly vibrations, the Ditto offers deep, powerful sensations that can be felt internally and externally. With multiple vibration modes and adjustable intensity, it invites you to explore a wide range of pleasurable experiences, from gentle teasing to intense pulsations.

Wireless Control for Playful Possibilities Operate Ditto effortlessly with the included remote control or the We-Connect app, allowing you or your partner to control the action from up to 30 feet away. This feature adds an element of surprise and excitement to your play, making it an excellent choice for adventurous couples who enjoy spontaneous moments of intimacy.

Safe and Easy to Use Ditto is designed with safety in mind, featuring a broad base that prevents too-deep insertion and makes it easy to remove. It’s also waterproof, making it simple to clean and suitable for use in the bath or shower, expanding the possibilities for where and how you enjoy it.

Enhance Your Erotic Journey Whether you’re exploring anal play for the first time or adding a new toy to your collection, the We-Vibe Ditto is designed to enhance your erotic journey. Its small size, powerful vibrations, and intuitive controls make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their anal play experience with comfort, safety, and excitement.

Embark on an Adventure with Intimate Ideas At Intimate Ideas, we believe in the joy of discovery and the thrill of adventure in sexual wellness. The We-Vibe Ditto embodies this spirit, offering a safe, comfortable, and exhilarating way to explore new dimensions of pleasure. Embrace the adventure and let Ditto guide you to new peaks of erotic delight.


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