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Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Fragrance Free 8.5oz

Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Fragrance Free 8.5oz

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Discover the ultimate in smooth, sensual pleasure with the Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant, Fragrance Free, 8.5oz, now offered at Intimate Ideas. This premium lubricant delivers an exceptionally silky, long-lasting glide that enhances every intimate encounter. Formulated to be completely fragrance-free, it caters to those with sensitive skin or allergies, ensuring a comfortable, irritation-free experience.

Enriched with olive leaf extract, Wicked Aqua not only provides superior lubrication but also imparts natural antibacterial properties, promoting a healthy and safe intimate environment. Its water-based formula is non-sticky, easy to clean up, and leaves no residue, making it perfect for both personal use and partner play. Fully compatible with all toys and condoms, it offers versatility and can be incorporated into any intimate activity.

The generous 8.5oz bottle is ideal for those who value having a reliable, high-quality lubricant on hand, ensuring you’re always prepared for moments of spontaneity or extended pleasure sessions. Wicked Aqua is designed to make intimate experiences smoother and more enjoyable, ensuring optimal comfort and satisfaction.

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