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Wicked Jelle Water Based Anal Lubricant 4oz

Wicked Jelle Water Based Anal Lubricant 4oz

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Introduce the Wicked Jelle Water Based Anal Lubricant 4oz to your intimate adventures, now available at Intimate Ideas. This specially formulated lubricant is designed for maximum comfort and durability during anal play. Its thick, gel-like consistency ensures ease of application and provides a cushioning effect that enhances safety and enjoyment without any drips or runs.

Wicked Jelle is created with the highest quality ingredients and is paraben-free, making it a healthy choice for sensitive skin. The water-based formula is super slick yet easy to clean, leaving no sticky residue behind. This lubricant is also compatible with all types of condoms and toys, making it an ideal option for safe and enhanced backdoor exploration.

The 4oz bottle is perfect for those who appreciate discretion but require a reliable lubricant that stays in place and lasts longer, allowing you to focus solely on the pleasure of the experience. Wicked Jelle is your go-to for an effortless, comfortable encounter every time.

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