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Wicked Toy Breeze Cooling Water Based Gel Lubricant 3.3oz

Wicked Toy Breeze Cooling Water Based Gel Lubricant 3.3oz

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Enhance your toy play with the invigorating Wicked Toy Breeze Cooling Water Based Gel Lubricant, available in a 3.3oz bottle at Intimate Ideas. This innovative lubricant is specifically formulated for use with all toy materials, providing a refreshing cooling sensation that adds a thrilling touch to your pleasure. Its thick, water-based gel formula ensures long-lasting glide and prevents drying out, making every experience smooth and enjoyable.

Wicked Toy Breeze is designed to heighten sensation while being gentle on both toys and skin. The cooling agents deliver a stimulating effect, enhancing sensitivity and intensifying your intimate moments. It's paraben-free and made with body-safe ingredients, ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience every time.

The convenient 3.3oz size is perfect for regular use, fitting discreetly among your personal items. Whether used alone or with a partner, Wicked Toy Breeze Cooling Gel Lubricant brings a cool, refreshing dynamic to your explorations, making it a must-have addition to your pleasure collection.

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